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Our blog features the latest advancements in regenerative medicine. We synthesize research from all areas of the field to inspire solutions for restoring the faces of acid attack victims.

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Let's end acid disfiguration for good. Your generous donation will fund critical research that creates solutions for restoring the faces and lives of acid attack victims.


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Our Mission

Acid violence is a catastrophic offense in which a highly corrosive substance is thrown at a person's face with the intention of maiming, blinding, disfiguring, or incapacitating the victim. Victims not only face excruciating physical pain, but the disfiguration caused by acid violence often leaves victims socially outcast and isolated, psychologically devastated, financially bankrupt, and unable to pursue educational or vocational goals. Families are often forced to sell off all their land or assets to pay for medical care and may be forced to leave their homes or villages for fear of retribution if they seek legal action.

The Regenesis Foundation seeks to eradicate the devastation caused by acid violence through regenerative medicine. Our mission is to create elegant and scalable solutions to regenerate facial organs (such as eyes and noses), reverse scarring, restore sensory loss (primarily vision), and ultimately restore the faces of treated acid victims to their original condition. Ultimately, these solutions will benefit all people who have been disfigured or maimed, including victims of automotive accidents, fires, bombs, or combat.


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